From the hyperactive mind of veteran researcher, composer and multi-instrumentalist Xosé Lois Romero and his ensemble Aliboria comes a major new project in Galician folk music that connects tradition and the avant-garde.

Always brilliantly produced, their music showcases ten harmonized voices – six female, four male – alongside colorful sounds from an array of traditional percussion instruments, and finds many convergences, including with African and Indigenous Latin American traditions as well as with icons of industrial rock music like Einstürzende Neubauten (Germany) and Swans (USA). Tribal harmonizer (and Brazilian legend) Milton Nascimento, Catalan post-folk band Coetus, Brazilian body percussionists Barbatuques and Argentine improvisational drum group La Bomba de Tiempo are other kindred artists for Xosé Lois Romero and Aliboria.

The band has released two albums: their 2017 self-titled recording of traditional compositions, and their latest, 2020’s Latexo (on Madrid’s Raso Estudio label), which maintains the energy, telluric air and tribal essence of traditional Galician music while updating its message and the way it is presented. Marcos Gendre of Spanish music magazine Mondo Sonoro compares the ten songs on Latexo to wildflowers watered with dew drops, resounding like echoes from the past, which contain a savagery approaching the essence of punk, and striving for a magic yet to be discovered. More than 40 European programmers have chosen this acclaimed album for their World Music Charts Europe Top 20 Playlist.