Waahli (last name Yussef) is a versatile Montreal artist, musician and trilingual emcee of Haitian descent. His music education benefited from a father who was a seasoned guitarist, and from the strong influences of traditional Haitian musicians like Tabou Combo, Coupé Chloé, Marie, and Carole. Waahli taught himself to play the guitar after discovering hip hop – the kind of music he felt suited him best.  His music career began with the iconic Montreal hip hop group Nomadic Massive which he co-founded in 2004.  Many years later, he branched out on his own and released his first solo album, Black Soap, in 2018, followed by an EP, Soap Opera, in 2020.  His first single off this EP, ”Bliye Sa,” was co-produced by the JUNO Award-winning musician Boogat.  Waahli sings in French, English and Haitian Creole, and is admired for his conscious and thought-provoking lyrics, exploring topics such as systemic racism and spirituality.