VÍÍK is a new Nordic folk orchestra, with musicians from Norway, Denmark and Sweden, who combine the wry aesthetic of jazz and the in your face energy of rock with the elegant melodies of Nordic folk song traditions. The six-piece band is spearheaded by larger than life vocalist Elisabeth Vik, who seamlessly combines vocal textures from throat singing to cow herding calls, and everything in between.

VÍÍK won “Artist of the Year” & “Live Act of the Year” at the 2022 Danish Music Awards. The group played their first three concerts in 2019, and have since then established a reputation as a solid and exiting live act on Denmark’s bigger stages, such as Roskilde Festivals ‘Summer Days, and the famous Copenhagen Tivoli mainstage. Music Magazine GAFFA had this to say about the band’s live performance at The Danish Music Awards:
“VÍÍK’s expressionistic narrative explosivity, was awe inspiring and deeply fascinating!”

The group members are: Elisabeth Vik – Vocals (Norway); Annelene Toft Christensen – Violin (Denmark); Vilads Hoffmann – Cittern (Denmark); Morten Alkjær Lassen – Accordion (Denmark); Jakob Kragesand – Double Bass (Denmark); Mårten Hillbom – Drums and percussion (Sweden).