Trad.Attack! is a “time-traveling delight”: a young Estonian band that has turned its national music scene upside down by bringing to the stage ancient folk songs and long vanished village voices. With only three members, it’s not a big band, but Trad.Attack! often creates the impression that there are many more artists on stage. The group says, “We are built on the courage to do something different, to jump headfirst into the deep end. We choose our own way and create our own path.” In their hands, the mystic reveals its long-forgotten roots in a highly compelling, ultra-modern way.

All three band members grew up surrounded by music, and each had been active for more than 15 years before forming Trad.Attack! in 2013. In the beginning, music-making was meant to be simply fun and experimental. Surprisingly, the band’s first tune “Kooreke” became a hit in Estonia and since then Trad. Attack! has garnered 25 music awards at home and released 5 albums. Their latest recording, Make Your Move (2020), made it to the Grammys pre-selection list and has been described as “absolutely enticing – a rocket blazing a fiery trail in an arc across the sky at night” (Spiral Earth, UK).

Along with their standard musical ambitions, Trad.Attack! have a much bigger masterplan – to play live in every country on Earth.  And at last count, there are only 158 countries yet to experience a Trad.Attack!