Belize’s The Garifuna Collective has performed in over 30 countries in 5 continents and has been part of the most celebrated Garifuna recordings of all time, including the critically acclaimed Wátina (2007), recipient of the WOMEX and BBC World Music Award, and voted by Amazon as the #1 World Music Album of All Time.

The Garifuna are a seasoned collective of musicians from across different generations, with a dynamic that comes from playing and traveling the globe together to share their music and stories. Their live performances rekindle the history and soul of the Afro-Indigenous Garifuna culture while their recordings dip into the deep well of Garifuna songs to create vibrant new compositions. Aban (2018) is the Garifuna Collective’s first major release since Ayó (2014), their revered tribute to founding leader Andy Palacio, who died suddenly in 2008 of a massive heart attack and stroke.

Garifuna culture was forged when slave ships carrying captured Africans wrecked off St. Vincent in the 1600s. The survivors swam ashore, mixed with the island’s indigenous Arawak population and created a unique, resilient culture of free people who resisted European colonial powers tor over 1OO years.  Their defiant culture persists to this day, in communities in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua, where their distinctive language, customs and music are preserved and continue to evolve.