Rainbow Donut Necklace

Rainbow Donut Necklace


Sold By: MystiqShop


Made with a circular donut pendant, to represent continuity, the circular nature of time, and the cycle of seasons. Ever feel like an alien in this world? Like maybe you don’t belong ?👽
The #MystiqAlien collection is for those who feel like outsiders. The ones bold enough to wear adornments that look like they’re from another planet 👽✨.  This collection is made up of designs that catch the eye, bring strength, energize, and inspire.🌈 They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Hematite is a grounding, centering stone, meant to help the wearer to act from a deep sense of inner strength, and these definitely feel empowering and unique. Their bright, vibrant colours and reflections remind us of magic, remind that not all is as it seems, and show us beauty. To be cleansed with sage or cedar, and reiki-imbued before shipping🙌✨. Length: about 26” or 66cm end to end.

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious stone (Manmade Rainbow Hematite pendant & beads)

✨High quality black glass beads

✨Sterling Silver & Silver-plated metal  parts

✨ Metal wire


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