Nonno Mario’s Bomba

Nonno Mario’s Bomba


Sold By: Sinai Gourmet


Nonno Mario’s Bomba & Nonna Giuditta’s Bomba are inspired by someone from a different era and a world class gardener. Even at almost 80 years old, Nonno Mario is up at the crack of dawn.  He cares for his lawn, his flowers, and of course his garden. If you don’t know a Nonno Mario or Nonna Giuditta you are missing out. They are inspiring people that showcases the best in a human’s relationship with the land. Our Bombas (bomb in English) is inspired by his garden and their love of the fresh delicious produce that we get to enjoy from it. It is made with love and tastes of the passions of Italian food.

Ingredients: Time Bomb pepper, Eggplant, Sunflower Oil, Red Pepper, Mushroom, Lime Juice, Sea Salt and Spices.


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