Jungle Vine® - Pouch

Jungle Vine® – Pouch


Sold By: A Million Elephants


This eco-friendly clutch is made from 100% jungle vine® fibre that grows naturally in northern Laos. Local villagers have been using “kheuapiad” (jungle vine) for carrying crops, tools and stones for hundreds of years. The Khmu, an indigenous ethnic group in northern Laos, harvest, hand spin and tie the vines into bags.

This chic eco-friendly pouch is perfect for those looking for an organic and completely natural product, as the vines grow without any cultivation, irrigation or chemicals. Jungle Vine® improves the soil where it grows and purifies the air!

Perfect for using as a make up bag or wallet, as well as storing your everyday necessities or for travelling.

Don’t let the delicate lace appearance fool you, this clutch is very strong!

  • Eco Friendly- sustainable, zero waste, organic, vegan, plastic-free, chemical-free
  • Fair Trade- fair wage, ethical and socially responsible

Bag Dimensions: regular size is roughly 12 cm x 20 cm with zip closure.

Material: Kheuapiad (Jungle Vine®) (Pueraria phaseoloides)

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this bag, product may slightly vary as each one is unique.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. To prevent shrinkage, fill with weight during drying.