The Liquor Store is a Montreal-based band whose six accomplished young musicians explore a diversity of genres – R&B, funk, hip hop, soul, electronica and jazz – and offer a fresh vision of urban music in Quebec.  Since 2015, the band has brought its contagious and danceable energy to multiple outdoor stages, including those at Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Festival de Jazz de Lévis, and Festijazz de Rimouski. During that time, they’ve also toured extensively across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Colossos, The Liquor Store’s latest (third) album, is a dark jazz fantasy drawn straight from the most convoluted and obscure corners of the sextet’s creative minds. Its conceptual suite of instrumentals is designed to entrance listeners with an ever-evolving palette of emotions: relentless, cathartic and deeply reflective. Colossos received a 2022 ADISQ nomination for Best Jazz Album of the Year.