Born in Recife, Brazil, Lara Klaus is a percussionist, drummer, singer-songwriter and educator. Dedicated to the study and teaching of percussion instruments from the Northeast of Brazil, Lara has played with renowned Brazilian artists like Elba Ramalho and Moraes Moreira.  Also, she has appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) and other important music festivals around the world, and regularly performs shows and gives percussion workshops inside and outside Brazil.  In 2018, Lara released her debut solo album, Força do Gesto.  Currently based in Montreal, she is part of the international organization Jeunes Musiciens du Monde (JMM) which offers workshops to immigrant and vulnerable children and teenagers. Klaus is also a founding member of LADAMA, an international ensemble formed by four women from four countries (United States, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil) that uses music as a tool for social transformation and the empowerment of women and young people.