Javier Alcántara is one of the most outstanding composers and guitarists of his generation. Proof of this is the Spanish jazz innovator’s 2019 album Ikigai (a Japanese concept that translates as reason for being or living), which was his third work as a leader and the last of a dazzling trilogy that began in 2014 with Short Stories and continued in 2016 with Resilience. As a specialist in music therapy, Javier brings stimulating melodies and life energy to his work.

Last year, Alcántara launched a long-awaited album in a powerful new formation named the Javier Alcántara Group. This band comprises some of today’s icons of Extremaduran jazz, including Pablo Romero (piano/keyboards), Narci González (tenor sax), Pedro Calero (piano/ keyboards), Pepín Muñoz (drums) and Javier Delgado (double bass).  The Group is touring Canada and New York between July 6th and 16th, marking the first time that an Extremaduran jazz musician has performed in North America (Extremadura is a landlocked autonomous community in central-western Spain). In addition to playing TD Sunfest ‘23, Javier and his bandmates are scheduled to appear at the legendary Latin jazz club Terraza 7 in New York City – home to Spanish stars like Chano Domínguez and Antonio Lizana. This tour will provide a retrospective of Alcántara’s music career to date and preview songs on his upcoming album.  It will show how Javier’s changes in direction are his natural way of composing.