Known to fans as “The Desert Diva,” Montreal-based soprano Fairouz Oudjida invites Sunfesters to discover her world through a fascinating story — that of a young girl who grew up in the Algerian desert.

Recognized for her exceptional vocal timbre and mastery of repertoire, including traditional songs of Algerian, Maghrebin and Arabic origin, Fairouz began her music career as the soloist for Algeria’s National Symphony Orchestra.  She is a woman of many firsts: the first Algerian to represent her country in Russia and Italy in the field of classical singing, and the first woman to perform the Algerian national anthem at the 2016 African Summit.

Faïrouz continued her studies in Milan, Italy, where she performed operas by the great classical composers (Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti, Bizet etc.). In memory of the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti, she was chosen to perform Arie Antiche at the Parocchia San Marco in Milan.

In Montreal, Fairouz’s musical partner is the talented pianist and accompanist Dominic Boulianne, who helps The Desert Diva transport audiences to the mystical centre of the eastern universe wherein lies “a strong message of peace, tolerance, love and freedom”. Her long-awaited debut album, La diva du desert, has just been released as a CD and will be available on streaming platforms this coming September.