Known to fans as “The Desert Diva,” Montreal soprano Fairouz Oudjida invites audiences to discover her world through a fascinating story — that of a young girl who grew up in the Algerian desert. Passionate about singing from an early age, with the support of her family, Fairouz was classically trained in Algiers and Milan, Italy, and for several years served as soloist for Algeria’s National Symphony Orchestra.

Inspired by the intersecting cultures of the East and the West, Fairouz takes you on a magical, mystical journey created through her exquisite vocal timbre and mastery of repertoire, including traditional songs of Algerian, Maghrebin and Arabic origin.  At the centre of her musical universe lies “a strong message of peace, tolerance, love and freedom”. In June 2021, Fairouz released “La diva du désert”.  An exceptional debut album of which she is quite proud, it has been greeted with considerable enthusiasm by her many admirers.