Eagle Flight Singers is a professional First Nations group based in London, Ontario, but with an extensive travel history in the Great Lakes region and beyond.  The ensemble consists of fathers, sons and close friends of Plains Cree, Ojibway and Haudenosaunee decent.  Eagle Flight sings in what’s known as “Straight Northern Original” in the “Pow-wow” style, which originated in the Western states and provinces. Their performances are meant to invoke the spirit of the listener, as First Nations people believe that feelings of elation are medicine for the mind, body and soul. Pow-wow singing is derived from ancient ceremonial practises; however, after a half-century of gift giving and sharing, it has evolved into more of an inter-tribal ritual spread across North America.  The troupe performs in the name of positive spiritual uplift: origin stories, dance exhibitions and audience participation are a vital part of its exhilarating, high-energy shows.