Based in London, Ontario, CATS is a feel-good funk unit consisting of four young touring musicians – arguably, the Forest City’s hardest working rhythm section – who met on the road back in 2015.  It was truly funk at first hearing for Braden DeCooman (guitar, bass/background vocals), David Usselman (bass, guitar/lead vocals), Dean McKey (drums, background vocals) and Hubert Orlowski (keyboards, percussion, background vocals).

After getting a good jam cooking during one fateful soundcheck, these feline funksters bonded as bandmates to bring the very hottest – or is it coolest? – dance tunes to the people. Taking their influences from Old School (1970s) royalty like Little Feat, The Crusaders and Zapp, CATS aims to pump up crowds and spread joy with their upbeat bounce. CATS’ debut EP, Physical Pursuits, is streaming now, and their follow-up album is scheduled for release later this year. In the meantime, you can stream Sunfest’s new Festival of World Beat to savor the most funkalicious beats and tonal treats imaginable from a local band that “believes in underpromising and overdelivering but don’t want you to come unprepared for what’s gonna happen” when their irresistible groove takes you higher during a purrfect ‘get down’.