Passion and dexterity create a breathtaking and beautiful experience when the C4 Trio perform together. These three virtuosic cuatro players from different parts of Venezuela met in 2005 at the Siembra del Cuatro contest where they were individually competing. The casual jam session that followed was the genesis of a project that has brought them multiple awards and appearances throughout South America, the United States and Europe.

C4 Trio founding members Jorge Glem, Hector Molina and Edward Ramírez showcase the art of the cuatro: a small 4-stringed guitar the size of a ukulele. With seemingly little effort and plenty of musical humor, they give a fresh and inventive twist to traditional Venezuelan rhythms and melodies. Add influences from classical music, jazz, improvised music and pop, and you have an amazing eargasm!

C4 Trio’s first album achieved Gold status; the next won them a Latin Grammy and in 2014 they scooped up no less than seven Pepsi Music Awards for their album De Repente, a collaboration with celebrated Venezuelan music artist Rafael ‘El Pollo’ Brito. That same year, bassist Gustavo Marquez joined his four cuatro colleagues as a core member of the ensemble.

2019 was a particularly proud year for the C4 Trio when they received two Latin Grammy Awards and a Grammy nomination (in the category ‘Best Tropical Album’) for their collaboration with legendary Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Luis Enrique on the album Tiempo Al Tiempo.