Araceli Poma is one of the most representative figures of the new generation of Peruvian musicians, who is creating her own tradition.  Araceli is a complete artist: she sings, produces, composes and hosts Miski Takiy (the first TV program dedicated to traditional and contemporary Andean music). With much love for her country, she represents Peruvians around the globe and offers an important reference point for future artists with vision and tenacity.

Araceli is also one of The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music, whose album and documentary were nominated for a 2020 Latin Grammy Award. Produced by the North American platform JUST PLAY, the accurately-named project brings together ten of today’s brightest lights in Afro-Peruvian music – all of them women! In addition to Araceli, the participants range from young percussionist Gisella Giuffra to veteran vocalist Goyoneche Charo. The project aims to shine a light on the double injustice of racism and sexism that Afro-Peruvian women endure in both music and society.

Araceli says, “Even with generational change, I think it is necessary to (actively) continue the music. Do new things, (develop) new repertoire. I try to sing new things and I’m composing (She is currently working on her second album, overseen by renowned Peruvian musician and producer Javier Lazo). Continuity is the key, the only way for our music to reach generations to come.” She adds, “It is only in these times that we are (acknowledging) our roots and (understanding) that we all have a little of all the inheritances. (Because) we are all culturally connected, learning to recognize each other seems vital to me.”