Xênia (Brazil)

Xênia França is a talented singer-songwriter from Bahia, Brazil who navigates between jazz, electronica & pop with a bossa nova flair.  Her sound is soft & sensual, shrouded in mystique and otherworldly energy.  At the centre of an art scene concerned with reviving and disseminating African-Brazilian culture, this ‘force of nature’ has emerged as the voice of female empowerment, especially among black women, and she is strongly committed to the fight against racism.

Xênia started her career in 2007 singing sambas and MPB classics in a band called Capadoxe. During this period, she met Brazilian rapper Emicida and contributed to his 2010 album Emicídio. Then, for seven years, she fronted Aláfia, a big band from São Paulo.

Nominated in two categories for a 2018 Latin Grammy, the singer’s first solo effort, Xenia, is an essential album from contemporary Brazil that pays tribute to the sounds of the black diaspora. It masterfully blends percussive rhythms from Bahia with popular stylings like soul and R&B.

This past January, Xênia made The New York Times’ list of the eight best performances at the 17th edition of NYC’s GlobalFest. The newspaper raved about a remarkable stage presence as Xênia’s volcanic and touching voice delivered songs about love, hope, transcendence and pride.