NVOZ (Colombia)

Direct from Bogotá, Colombia, NVOZ is an extraordinary five-member a cappella group that performs many different styles of traditional Colombian music, such as cumbia, vallenato, bullerengue and pasillos.  Contemporary artists who have influenced its sound include Bobby McFerrin, Rockapella, The Magnets, The House Jacks, Take 6, Vocal Sampling, Neri Per Caso, M-Pact, Basix, Juan Luis Guerra, Black Eyed Peas, La Champeta, and Costas de Colombia.

Comprised of Ana María Ulloa, Carlos Alberto Gómez, Ricardo Núñez, John Alexander Núñez and David Leonardo Montes, NVOZ uses no instruments, instrumental tracks, samplers or sequencers.  In performance, the musicians turn their voices into unique harmonic, melodic and percussive instruments, giving audiences the illusion that a live band is accompanying the vocal ensemble.  Listen for their wonderful arrangement of the classic (originally, South African) a cappella piece, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – and for their clever take on Sting’s 1987 hit “Englishman in New York” (renamed “Colombian in New York”).

 NVOZ’s songs appear on a number of compilation albums; among them, Música de Cámara (2003), Músicas del Mundo (2004), Músicas con tendencias experimentales y de Fusión (2006 & 2007), Jazz en Domingo (2006), Músicas Urbanas (2006) and Colombia al Parque (2008).  In 2008, Banda Vocal NVOZ released the first CD of its own, Al Natural.

Since its formation in 2002, NVOZ has performed hundreds of live concerts (including a Sunfest date at Aeolian Hall in April 2010), and has carefully researched various methods and vocal techniques to take the group to where it is today: a vibrant ambassador for the richness of Colombian music.