GranMah (Mozambique)

The six members of GranMah describe themselves as “a garage band inspired by bringing people together through music”. The group first came to public attention in 2014 when its track “I Got 2 Move” won a Mozambique Music Award for Best Alternative Song. Over the past decade, this country’s “finest dub/reggae live band” also gained local public and professional recognition through commercial collaborations for various TV and radio programs.

Although GranMah has been compared to fellow Mozambican band 340ml, which enjoyed widespread success not only locally but also in South Africa and in Europe, its artists have taken advantage of their diverse musical backgrounds and influences to create a unique fusion. It’s the result of mixing fresh and innovative reggae music with dub, ska, soul, hip-hop and other cool sounds.

The band has two albums and a growing number of national and international festival appearances to its credit.