CULTURAS 360° is a new annual online project dedicated to hosting professional arts showcases from around the world.  For two days every year, premier music artists from countries far and wide will celebrate a rich diversity of cultures – the special magic that unites everyone, wherever they are.

Beyond a virtual celebration of music, CULTURAS 360° is a global initiative connecting diverse audiences on five continents and providing unique opportunities for outstanding artists to perform and collaborate internationally.

Out of their shared commitment to promoting social transformation and solidarity between peoples, CULTURAS 360°’s collective of curators and cultural professionals from nine global music festivals have joined hands to present this independent platform of streamed performances.

Despite the current hardships experienced by live music festivals and venues, we’ll continue to champion the efforts of our artists, audiences and industry professionals. In-person events may be cancelled or postponed, but we are still here to work for a brighter future which is illuminated by the United Nation’s goals of sustainable development (2030 Agenda). Together, we will strive for a more equitable world where the voice of every culture is acknowledged, valued and protected.