FRÄNDER (Sweden/Estonia)

FRÄNDER plays modern acoustic folk music forged in the deep forests of the North. With seductive harmonies, heavy grooves and mesmerizing energy, the band creates a unique musical landscape filled with mystery and charm. FRÄNDER is an ancient Swedish word referring to both ’family’ and ’kindred’ as well as ’fellow humans’. At the same time, it describes a closer, more soulful relationship between human beings than just friendship.

Siblings Natasja (vocals & fiddle), Gabbi (Swedish mandola & vocals) and Daniel Dluzewski (double bass & vocals) were raised on a diet of classic rock in a musical family outside Uppsala, Sweden. Meanwhile, in Estonia, their sister in-law Säde Tatar (flute & vocals) had discovered her native bagpipe tradition at an early age and was beginning her own journey into the world of folk music.

The band says: “We started FRÄNDER in 2015 with one purpose in mind: to combine our modern influences with the sounds of tradition. We are energised by, and find creative freedom within, the expressive modern sound of Nordic folk music and the traditional music of our ancestors. We have never been interested in merely reproducing the past, but rather, strive to find new ways back into the future.”

After the 2017 release of its critically acclaimed debut album, FRÄNDER I, the band fine-tuned its sound by touring extensively throughout Europe, North America and Japan.  A follow-up album is in the works.