TD Sunfest '18 will be from July 5-8 in London, ON's beautiful Victoria Park. See you there!


#WePlayOn Musicians

On a warm, sun-drenched afternoon in summer, there is nothing more refreshing than lying back in your chair or on the grass and savoring a favorite jazz, classical or pops number delivered by a 45-strong orchestra at the top of its game.  Close your eyes and you may be transported into your own episode of Downton Abbey. The #WePlayOn Musicians, in their new incarnation, continue to show a commitment to providing the people of London, Ontario with music for all tastes, performed at the highest artistic level. Whether giving the Canadian premieres of Mahler's 4th Symphony and R. Murray Schafer's Apocalypsis, or recording Respighi's Church Windows - played regularly on the BBC Radio 3 program Through the Night - the #WePlayOn Musicians are world class. The musicians believe every concert they perform is a valuable opportunity to connect with their audience and with the community in which they live.  #WePlayOn Musicians are truly the future of orchestral music in the Forest City!

#WePlayOn Musicians
Violin I - Joseph Lanza (Concertmaster), Calvin Tsang (Associate Concertmaster), Melvin Martin, Henry Krichker, Sheilanne Lindsay, Bijan Sepanji, Louise Bellhouse, Jonathan Garabedian, Sandra Stark
Violin II - Émilie Paré (Associate Concertmaster), Regina Audet, Jeffrey Wall, Andrew Chung, Kelly Eydt, Deborah Mawdsley, Catherine Mallory
Viola - Kelvin Enns, Karen Kjeldson, Jacqueline Beth Milne, Thea Boyd, Leila Kelleher Franck
Cello - Christine Newland, Jeremy Hake, Jeffrey Garrett, Terry Sefton, Julia MacGregor
Bass - Joseph Phillips, Bruce Halliday, Lisa Haddock
Flute - Kaili Maimets, Margaret Voorhaar
Piccolo - Margaret Voorhaar
Oboe - Graham Mackenzie, Jennifer Short
English Horn - Jennifer Short
Clarinet - Graham Lord, Marie Johnson
Bassoon - Spencer Phillips, David Haward
French Horn - Ron George, Kate Stone, Sasha Gorbasew
Trumpet - Shawn Spicer, Peter Audet
Trombone - David Pell, Michael Polci
Timpani - D’Arcy Gray