TD Sunfest '18 will be from July 5-8 in London, ON's beautiful Victoria Park. See you there!


Ron Sexsmith with s.g. Lori Cullen

Is there a singer-songwriter working today who’s better at distilling the pitfalls of being human?  A master of poetic, affecting songs, Toronto-based Ron Sexsmith pivots between upbeat pop-rock and folk-flavored melancholia as he continues to create a body of work that few artists living or dead can match for consistently sky-high quality.  As legendary record producer Daniel Lanois observed in the 2010 documentary Love Shines: “Not a lot of people have Ron’s gift:  the ability to see a tiny snapshot of a feeling, then expand upon it and deliver a beautiful song.  The songs are like Polaroids.”  No wonder, then, that Ron has attracted a galaxy of famous admirers, including Bob Dylan, Elton John, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and Leslie Feist.

From a very early age – even before he was old enough to understand what all the pop singers were singing about – Ron was interested in melody and the way the words sounded with the melody. [But while he has] “a McCartney-esque gift for melody, they're not the sort of hooks that grab you by the throat. [Instead], they're sneaky, slithery things that slide into your subconscious -- always hummable, always memorable but in a very low-key manner. First you listen, then you sing along, then you start hearing the melodies in your head all the time. By the fourth or fifth listen … you'll swear you've known these songs all your life.” (Michael Giltz, Huffpost Entertainment).

Ron Sexsmith is touring in support of his brand new album "The Last Rider" due for release on April 21..

The TD Sunfest Committee and London Music Hall are pleased to welcome Toronto-based pop and jazz vocalist Lori Cullen as the opener for this concert.  With a pure and uniquely beautiful voice that recalls the likes of Joni Mitchell and Jane Siberry, Lori has been acclaimed by jazz great Kurt Elling as one of his favourite new singers.  Fittingly, her latest album, titled Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs (2016, True North), is a collaboration with Ron Sexsmith, who penned the lyrics, and fellow singer-songwriter Kurt Swinghammer, who wrote the music and handled the arrangements.  The 12-song recording has been described as a "fresh expression of jazz-infused chamber-pop," though it draws inspiration from Burt Bacharach, Antonio Carlos Jobim and others. "To have two of my favourite people who also happen to be two of my favourite songwriters write an album of material for ME to sing is beyond exciting," beamed Cullen.