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Recipients of twelve award nominations, including seven for their latest album, Chasse-Galerie, Quebec’s MAZ have set themselves apart with their winning blend of acoustic trad and electric jazz. Roger Lévesque of Penguin Eggs Magazine praises the group’s music as “uplifting stuff, old and new, rustic and high-tech all at once.”  Marc Maziade (electric guitar, banjo, foot percussion, programming), Pierre-Olivier Dufresne (violin, mandolin, foot percussion), Roxane Beaulieu (keyboards), and Mathieu Royer (double bass, violin) are brilliant musicians who, on stage as MAZ, form a deeply palpable connection, offering trance-inducing grooves, engaging sound textures and frenzied foot stomps.


MAZ’s 2012 debut release, Télescope, laid the groundwork for the band’s unique style, which combines traditional Québécois music, modal jazz, and electronica. Through this album, often described as futuristic, MAZ already began to reveal their modern take on Québec’s past and present instrumental culture, earning them five award nominations, including one in the JUNO’s best instrumental album category.  The band’s second release, Chasse-Galerie, quickly climbed jazz, folk and international radio charts across Canada.  The title refers to one of Quebec’s most famous legends, in which, on a winter’s eve, a group of men sign a pact with the Devil to hop onto a flying canoe that will carry them home to their girlfriends for a night of revelry. Maz explains: “For us, the legend of the Chasse-Galerie invokes the duality between sincere dreams in which we invest body and soul, and the mirages created by today’s frenetic lifestyle.”  To date, MAZ have several tours and over a hundred performances under their belt.  Their third album is currently in the pre-production phase.