TD Sunfest '18 will be from July 5-8 in London, ON's beautiful Victoria Park. See you there!


Light of East Ensemble

The Light Of East Ensemble celebrates its 10th Anniversary with the release of a brand new "Live" CD. This is a special Sunfest concert presentation (sponsored by London Audio). LOEE is an instrumental group based in London with members coming from different backgrounds and cities including Windsor and Toronto. The band performs music from the Near and Middle East, including traditional, folk, classical Arabic, Greek Rembetika, and modern urban music of the 20th century from regions such as Armenia, Greece (Asia Minor - Smyrni, and Konstantinoupoli), Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and Syria. The band also performs Sephardic Music and recently has welcomed vocalist Tracy Atin into the group.

The music may not be what Western listeners grew up hearing, but the rhythms and melodies are instantly captivating and listeners are quickly drawn into the intensity of the music. For people of Near East and Middle East descent, the music becomes a vehicle for a nostalgic journey back to their home country as they experience melodies and rhythms they may not have heard in a live performance for many years. Every show finds such audience members expressing their delight in hearing the ensemble play popular pieces from their homeland.

The Light of East Ensemble was nominated for both a Jack Richardson Music Award and a London Music Award in 2008 and 2011. CBC’s “In Town and Out", “Bandwidth", and “The Bridge", have broadcast their music.