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“An Inti-Illimani concert is a wild ride through Latin music, a whirlwind of Andean folk tunes, tangos from Argentina, Brazilian sambas, and throbbing, sobbing love songs from Mexico…all the players displayed relentless virtuosity in a concert that was pure exhilaration to the very end. - The Washington Post

This video is of a complete Inti-Illimani concert. Enjoy!

For over four decades, Inti-Illimani (pronounced Inti-E-gee-manee) have intoxicated audiences in more than a dozen countries around the globe.  In their homeland of Chile and greater Latin America, they are a veritable institution, a cultural icon celebrated for their unique poetic and socio-political history. Their music, wedded in traditional Latin American roots, captures at once the very personal colors of their experiences while simultaneously appealing to our common humanity.  Much like a Zen affirmation, Inti’s mellifluous synthesis of vocals and more than 30 wind, string and percussion instruments awakens secret places in our hearts, transporting us out of the mundane and filling our souls with calmness and hope.

On stage, Inti-Illimani offers passion and poetry that is a mantra for peace in the world and within ourselves. Founding member Jorge Coulon observes: “We are not political in the propaganda sense, but we have always been politically engaged. We have a concept about society and about the relationship between human beings, and we try to translate our ideas into our sound, not to be part of one political party or another but in the sense to bring about a better world.”

Inti-Illimani’s most recent album, Pequeño Mundo, continues their exploration of Latin American, Afro-Latin, and Italian sounds and includes the Chilean group’s first foray into jazz-flavored composition.  In August 2012, Inti-Illimani launched their 45th anniversary tour with “La Máquina del Tiempo” – The Time Machine:  two concerts held at the traditional Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile and later preserved in a landmark recording (double CD & DVD) named for the performances.  Later this fall, Inti-Illimani will be recording its 48th album in its 48th year!