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Gustavo Amaral (a.k.a. Gustavito) is one of the main singer-songwriters on the independent music scene in Belo Horizonte (the capital city of southeastern Brazil’s Minas Gerais state), where he is also a successful multi-instrumentalist (guitar, violin and more) and arranger.  Gustavito’s main influences come from Brazilian popular culture, and in recognition of his work, he has had the opportunity to perform with two big names in Brazilian music: Tom Zé and Sérgio Santos.  With his band Bicicleta (Bike), Gustavito has just released an independent work titled Quilombo Oriental.  The album pays homage to the Carnival “Pena de Pavão de Krishna,” and is full of Indian imagery mixed with the African-Brazilian rhythm Ijexá.  The result is a highly sunny and danceable sound, enhanced by the special touch of Bicicleta’s female vocal trio.