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Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys

Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys - With a slight bend of his knee, Gordie MacKeeman launches into a song. Guided by the sharp cuts of his fiddle, his famous crazy legs shake and twist with a laughing regard for physics. The whole time, his Rhythm Boys deliver a surefooted roots instrumentation to accompany the spectacle. With flavors of traditional bluegrass and roots music bolstered by their stunning musicianship, it's a joyful sight that divides the line between the band and the audience. The band were awarded the Galaxie Supernova Award at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival for their outstanding high-energy performance. It is this pomp and spirit that Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys set out to capture on their new album, Pickin' n Clickin', which was honoured with the 2014 East Coast Music Award for 'Roots Traditional Group Recording of the Year'.

Hailing from Prince Edward Island, The Rhythm Boys deliver an exhilarating live show that instantly enamors audiences with  their  engaging, sometimes jaw-dropping, stagecraft and showmanship. The band features Gordie MacKeeman (fiddle, feet, vocals), Mark Geddes (bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, banjo), Thomas Webb (vocals, banjo, guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass) and Peter Cann (vocals, guitar).

"This band is a real breath of fresh air and fun. Given the generic 'roots' label, there are heavy influences of bluegrass, western Swing, Celtic and even Scottish country dance music in here. It all adds up to a mighty fine package" (Maverick Magazine, UK). The Rhythm Boys have performed at many major UK festivals including the legendary Glastonbury Festival,  Woodford Folk Festival, WOMAD, Celtic Connections, as well as at many other sold-out venues across Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Malaysia and Australia.