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Gabriel Palatchi Trio

Gabriel Palatchi is a triple-threat global musician.  First, the 34-year old Argentine-born pianist is a world class artist whose latest recording, Trivolution, was selected as a Gold Medal Winner in the Composer/Album categories and on the Top Ten 2015 of the Global Music Awards.  Also, Trivolution was featured in the Emerging Artists section of the April 30, 2016, issue of Billboard Magazine.  Second, although Gabriel spent his formative years in Buenos Aires studying classical piano and being mentored by some of the great maestros of blues, tango, jazz and Latin jazz, he packed up his piano soon after graduation in order to expand his musical horizons in Cuba and Mexico.  He currently divides his time between Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal), Mexico (Caribbean and Mexico City) and Argentina (Buenos Aires). Third, Gabriel is highly conversant with a range of culturally diverse styles, including tango, funk, klezmer, gypsy, reggae, samba and electronic, and he has a knack for collaborating with some of Latin America’s finest musicians who share a commitment to keeping folklore dynamic.  For the last five years the Gabriel Palatchi Trio has toured throughout Argentina, Mexico and Canada, performing at important venues and international music festivals.

Gabriel Palatchi’s brilliance is how he re-imagines traditional art forms, frequently using the transitions within his original compositions to weave in old segments of folk music, thus achieving just the right contrast between old and new. Gabriel’s youthful spiritedness and playful ingenuity exemplify why South American music continues to evolve and grow in popularity.