TD Sunfest '17 is July 6-9, 2017 in London, Ontario's beautiful Victoria Park


Gabacho Maroc

With rhythmically intense and melodically powerful Jazz and Arabic-African music as its starting point, Gabacho Maroc combines modern instruments and traditional Moroccan and African instruments and vocals to create a finely embroidered and multi-layered tapestry.   If their debut album, Bissara (Oued, 2014), communicated a joyful positive feeling, their live performances are a unique experience: a cocktail of rhythms enriched by the soft and captivating voice of Gnawa Maâlem Hamid Moumem. The eight artists complement each other perfectly, with guembry, n’goni, djembe, Moroccan frame drums and metal castanets right at home in a bed of bass/kit drums, electric keyboards and saxophones. Get ready for a brilliant Moroccan-inspired party!