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Dimensión Latina

After selling over 30 million discs and giving more than 3000 live performances during its long and productive career, Dimensión Latina was recently honored with a presidential proclamation for being a jewel of Venezuela’s cultural and musical heritage. The band was founded in 1972 by six young musicians, including soon-to-be Latin American icon Oscar D'León on bass and vocals, and his compatriot, sweet-voiced bolero singer Wladimir Lozano.  (By the mid-1970s, both had left for other projects.) Dimensión Latina is credited with bringing salsa out of the barrios of Caracas and into the mainstream, where it soon gained international acclaim because of superstars like D’León.  Known for its elaborate choruses and innovative arrangements, the ensemble features a killer lineup of four saxophones and uses 1970s style Cuban son as its rhythmic base.