TD Sunfest '18 will be from July 5-8 in London, ON's beautiful Victoria Park. See you there!


Colores de Latinoamerica '18

Colores de Latinoamérica is a Free Admission Celebration of the Visual Arts. The exhibit runs from Tuesday, January 23rd to Saturday, January 27th and from Tuesday, January 30th to Saturday, February 3rd at The ARTS Project. Hours are:  Noon to 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

On Friday, January 26th at 7:00 pm, join TD Sunfest for an opening night reception, followed at 7:30 pm by a special performance by the Alfredo Caxaj Latin Jazz Ensemble, and complemented by tasty refreshments and Latin American appetizers. Cash bar.

TD Sunfest celebrates the 12thanniversary of COLORES DE LATINOAMéRICA, a premier showcase of creative works by some of Canada’s most talented visual artists who were born in, or have immediate family ties to, various Latin American countries.  Colores '18 offers fascinating windows into the worlds of seven highly compelling artists, many of them new generation voices with an interdisciplinary focus. 

Come and experience works by the following: 

MIRNA CHACIN (Venezuela) discovered her passion for artistic expression through photography when she was a Venezuelan architecture student. In 1988, Mirna’s debut in Fine Arts earned her first prize in photography in the Visual Arts Biennale of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Light has always been one of this photographer’s obsessions, both aesthetically and technically. She explains: “What I love about shooting in black & white is that it allows me to show the essence of things, intensifying their intrinsic beauty and meaning through the magic of light.” Mirna’s photographs are frequently featured in collective art shows at galleries around the world – from Barcelona to Toronto.  Shortly before Mirna immigrated to Canada in 2011, Universidad del Zulia (LUZ) awarded her the Francisco Hung Bracho Gold Medal for artistic achievements in Venezuela. Mirna is co-founder of the online magazine Toronto Entero, and a member of Toronto’s The PATCH Project. She also belongs to the Neighborhood Arts Network (NAN), Sur Gallery, and Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography.

MAO CORREA (Colombia) - By day, Colombian-born, Toronto-based Mao Correa wields a hammer, building decks for a living; by night, he fulfils his passion as an accomplished conceptual artist. Three years ago, Mao’s art and renovation skills came together for the construction of a 700-square-foot home gallery.  Here you can find eclectic and visceral pieces that critique our frenzied consumerism and lack of environmental awareness.  Paintings, assemblages and sculptures made exclusively from cast-off materials embody the art-actions that underlie his work: recovering, reusing, and recycling. “I break down pre-existing materials, reinterpret them, and offer them a new form with a new purpose,” says Mao. In over 25 years of maintaining an independent practise, Mao Correa has accrued many accomplishments, such as selling more than 500 original paintings, and being chosen as artist of the month by the Toronto Arts Foundation.  Since arriving in Canada in 2013, he has enjoyed a meteoric career in Toronto and Montreal, leading to twelve solo exhibitions and eleven collective exhibitions.

GINA DUQUE (Colombia) is a visual artist who lives and works from her home studio in Guelph, Ontario. Born in Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Canada with her mother at the age of eleven. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors at Western University in London, Ontario. Gina’s art strives to evoke a sense of ethereality and mystery while being grounded in the familiar and scientific. Micro and macroscopic perspectives, organic forms, textures and patterns all reflect her fascination with the purposeful design of the natural world.  In many of her early works, including the cancer-inspired ‘Body’ and ‘Micro’ series, she adopts a cellular perspective to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the self, integrating viewpoints from physiology, psychology and Christian theology. Gina’s current output is even more holistic, drawing on the broader realm of biology to showcase the beauty, complexity and awe-inspiring processes of growth and decay found in seed and plant structures.

Originally from El Salvador, OSCAR MARROQUIN-PONCE is an up-and-coming London, Ontario visual artist who is excited and honoured to share creative space with his fellow Colores deLatinoamérica exhibitors. Even though Oscar has lived in London since he was a year old, he’s always been creatively connected to his Latin American roots; embracing folkloric dance and painting. Using acrylics and different pouring mediums (silicone, oils), Oscar’s experimental creations captivate his audiences’ eyes and take them on a flowing poetic journey (an experience that Oscar calls floesia). Although Colores Latinoamérica 2018 is Oscar’s first exhibition, some of his pieces were featured in fundraising events for Standing Rock (the Sioux Nation's blockade of the controversial North Dakota oil pipeline).  Most recently, he collaborated with local hip-hop juggernaut Ngajuana on his upcoming album “Paintings in Braille.”  You are invited to visit:

MICHELLE PERAZA (Costa Rica/Cuba) - Michelle’s artwork reflects her experience as a second-generation Latin American artist from Costa Rica and Cuba, as well as her interactions and conversations with other cultures.  She hopes that her portraiture will initiate discussions on a range of important contemporary issues, including origins, culture, lineage, history, skin colour, migration, integration, loss of identity, and value systems. Michelle is currently completing her program in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in Toronto.  She holds a previous degree from London, Ontario’s Western University - a specialization in Classical Studies with a minor in World Religions.

G. HARLEY SALAMANCA (Colombia) - G. Harley Salamanca is a Colombian-born visusal artist who moved to London, Ontario in 2005. Harley has had multiple exhibitions in Canada; his art focuses on a variety of themes pertaining to light, transcendent balance and imbricated realities. Harley has interned with many well-known art galleries and professional artists; among them, Galeria El Museo, which is considered one of the top art venues in Latin America. At the University of Waterloo, Harley studied Honors Fine Arts with a specialization in Studio Stream. For this year's Colores exhibition, Harley's recent series of artworks take a different approach to creating still-life paintings. He uses geometric shapes and solid bright colors to comment on our adaption to the digital world while make reference to art history and creating a sense of mystery with every shape. 

We are proud to present the work of these six fine Latin American artists who have made Canada their home. For more information, tel. 519-642-2767, e-mail or visit