TD Sunfest '18 will be from July 5-8 in London, ON's beautiful Victoria Park. See you there!



Sunfest is saddened to announce the cancellation of the Cimarrón concert due to unforeseen circumstances. Please return your tickets to the place of purchase for refund. We hope to reschedule this amazing Colombian group at another time.

Cimarrón is the most accomplished llanera (music from los Llanos) group in Colombia. A seven piece band, led by harpist and composer Carlos Rojas, they have been working for over twenty years and have performed in Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Sweden, France, Italy, England and the USA. These musicians are immersed in the sounds of los llanos; they seek to explore and experiment with their rich heritage whilst retaining the essence of the tradition. Carlos was amongst a group of Colombian musicians who accompanied Gabriel Garcia Marquez to perform at his Nobel Prize giving ceremony in Sweden in 1982. Cimarron's Smithsonian album "Si Soy Llanero" was nominated for a Grammy in 2005.

Los Llanos Orientales are vast plains that stretch from Colombia into Venezuela. The mestizo people that inhabit these savannahs on the great Orinoco River are descendents of Spanish settlers, African slaves and indigenous Indians. This is cattle rearing country where life revolves around country ranches. Music accompanies the daily working tasks such as milking and cattle drives. Most striking is the festive dance music called joropo, a fiercely virtuoso display of rippling melodies played on harp, bandola and cuatro accompanied by bass, cajon and maracas. This rapid and joyous music is sung with high pitched voices reminiscent of Andalusian gypsy roots.