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Cardboard Fox

Known for original songs with a strong pop sensibility, Cardboard Fox is a new four piece that’s been enthralling its fast growing fan base in the UK and beyond. All four musicians have roots in bluegrass, but their collective influences reach much further, making the music hard to categorize. Formed in late 2013 in Bath, England, the band features the sibling harmonies of Charlotte and Laura Carrivick on guitar/vocals and fiddle/vocals respectively (as The Carrivick Sisters, they are one of the UK’s top young bluegrass and folk acts), the extraordinary talents of mandolin player Joe Tozer, and the technically demanding bass playing of John Breese. 

Although the musicians in Cardboard Fox are long time mates, they had to wait for the right opportunity to coalesce as a band. All that was needed was for everyone to be in the right place and Joe's move from Norwich to Bath was the catalyst that allowed it to happen.

On the website Three Chords and the Truth UK, David posted his raves for a September 2015 show in Birmingham: “Although egalitarian in projection, it is hard to argue against Laura and Charlotte being the face of Cardboard Fox. The twins take sole control of the band’s vocal output, mixing harmonies and shared lead pieces. Musically the girls are top notch with Laura injecting a countrification sound drenched in pure Appalachia via her trusty fiddle. The heady mix of solo and backing segments blend supremely with Charlotte’s guitar playing. The outstanding interaction with Joe’s mandolin added the cream to a sound thrilling folks within the café’s brickwork interior.”

Winners of the 2015 Spiral Earth Award for Best Debut, Cardboard Fox has just released its first full-length album, entitled Out of Mind.