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Bixiga 70

Bixiga 70 (pronounced "bee-SHEE-gah seh-TAYN-tah") is an instrumental dance juggernaut from São Paulo, which is dedicated to celebrating Brazil’s African past by channelling the spirit of afrobeat founder Fela Kuti. “70” is a homage to Afrika 70, Fela's house band of that legendary decade. The culturally diverse neighbourhood of Bixiga was the meeting place for this eclectic group of musicians from the city’s jazz and avant-garde pop scenes. Together, they created a high-octane, horn-driven sound that mixes Brazilian and African influences, including samba and reggae, with electronica, carimbó and ethio-jazz.  Other elements pulled from the travels of Bixiga’s 10 members are cumbia from Colombia, Malinké drumming from Guinea, and Cuban blaxploitation riffs. The band’s latest LP, Bixiga 70 III (Mais Um Discos), dropped in 2015 to glowing reviews on NPR and The Guardian, among others.

The Guardian (UK) singled out Bixiga 70’s horn section for praise: “Instead of the rudimentary fanfares of many Afrobeat bands (Fela’s Afrika 70 included), this lot have some serious chops – and a baritone sax player who can raise goosebumps.”