TD Sunfest '17 is July 6-9, 2017 in London, Ontario's beautiful Victoria Park


AFRIKALIA - African Heart Beats

AFRIKALIA: African Heart Beats

(BKO Quintet from Mali)

Every year, TD Sunfest enhances its programming with a  scintillating new music & dance component.  This summer we’re thrilled to launch the Gov’t of Ontario supported AFRIKALIA:  African Heart Beats.  Featuring over a dozen African legends and rising stars,  AFRIKALIA pays special attention to performers who hail from the artistically rich islands off the main  African continent (e.g., Cape Verde and Réunion), as well as from the African diasporas that have  developed in countries like Venezuela and Colombia.  Many AFRIKALIA headliners have amazing back stories; notably, Uganda’s Neema Children’s Choir, comprised of child orphans who were taken off the  streets and into the healing embraces of song and dance.

AFRIKALIA performers are:  Elida Almeida (Cape Verde); BKO Quintet (Mali); Grèn Sémé (Reunion Island); Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble (Finland/Benin); H'SAO (Chad/Canada); Krar Collective (Ethiopia/UK); Pierre Kwenders (Congo/Canada); Lazo (Dominica/Canada); Betsayda Machado y Parranda El Clavo (Venezuela); Cynthia Montaño (Colombia); Flávia Nascimento (Brazil/Canada); Neema Children's Choir (Uganda);  Daby Touré (Mauritania/France).