TD Sunfest '17 is July 6-9, 2017 in London, Ontario's beautiful Victoria Park

About & Membership

About & Membership | Sunfest

The London Committee For Cross-Cultural Arts Inc. (commonly known as the Sunfest Committee) is a London-Ontario based, non-profit community arts group whose prime mandate is to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the arts across a range of disciplines, such as music, dance and the visual arts. Unlike commercial promoters, whose overriding objective is merely to repackage and sell popular global music acts as entertainment commodities, the Sunfest Committee tries to present thoughtful, innovative global arts programming that usually commands a very committed following. It aspires to hold a mirror up to its community in order to reflect the diversity and vitality of London’s burgeoning multicultural population.

You can become a member: 

Basic Membership $10 / Silver Membership $35 / Gold Membership $75. 

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Staff Positions:

  • Alfredo Caxaj - Executive & Artistic Director
  • Ian Davies - Programming & Creative Coordinator
  • Brian Hannigan - Communications Coordinator
  • Sara Sulyma - Administrative Assistant

Summer Student:

  • Imogen Wasse - Festival Administrative Assistant

The Board of Directors is comprised of community minded individuals who share the passion and commitment for the promotion of cross cultural arts.

  • Jane Hanbuch - Chair/President
  • Mary Malone - Secretary
  • Rick Ho - Treasurer
  • Lee Doyle - Member at large
  • Rick Doyle - Member at large
  • Mandi Fields - Member at large
  • Paula Jesty - Member at large
  • Denise Pelley - Member at large